Briefly…BC Insurer Cuts Rates for Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

British Columbia drivers who install electronic stability

More Losses for AIG, But Liddy Notes “Progress”

Restructuring challenges, market conditions and even bad
publicity continue to buffet AIG’s results—the insurance and financial services
company reported net losses of $4.3 billion (US) for the …

Insurers Show High Compliance: Alberta Survey

Most insurers in Alberta have strong policies in place to

Have Premiums Reached a Tipping Point? U.K. Carriers Aren’t Sure

Have commercial premiums reached a pricing tipping point? They might
have, according to carriers in the U.K., who predict …

ICLR Shapes “Disaster Resilient” Future: Bardswick

Last year may have been a bad one for natural disasters, but 2008 also
saw the industry’s Institute for …

Canadians Ill Prepared for Emergencies: Survey

Less than half of Canadians are adequately prepared for disasters like
wildfires, hurricanes or extended blackouts, results from a …

U.K, E.U., Ramp Up Flood Planning: A.M. Best

Flooding is a growing concern in the European Union, where more frequent—and
severe—flooding in recent years have prompted long-range …

Forgeron takes IBC forward: Caps, climate and communication a priority

Shortly after his appointment Don Forgeron set the tone for the next year at the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s annual general meeting, held …

Swine flu prompts advice: Change how you operate

Minimize risks.
This is the goal of all insurance and in the light of a possible pandemic,
its what …

Leading expert offers answers on pandemic outbreaks

Bob Howe, Pandemics Topic Manager at Swiss Re and a leading pandemic
expert answers some key questions as a …

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