June 2010 Contents


Call Me
Fred Hyndman tells you why his personal approach is a winning strategy
By Saba Taye

New Tech Woes
Industry insiders discuss the risks of social networking sites and how to combat them
by Stefan Dubowski

Super Software
A new tool that verifies driver’s licences saves time and money
By Suzanne Sharma

Cyber Crimes
Prevent online crimes in small cities
By Saba Taye

Preserve and Protect
Learn how having security at a disaster scene can mitigate loss
By Rob Garland

Power to Your People
Focus on your employees’ strengths to build a stronger brokerage
By Jerry Boutilier

Optimizing or Misleading
Tips on having an assistant
By CIP Society

Tweet to the Top
Find how Cory Young used social networking to better his business
By Suzanne Sharma

Companies to Watch
Homegrown solutions Trisura Guarantee Insurance Co.
By Romana King

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