Cyber & Fraud

Cyber & FraudEmerging cyber risk offers challenges and new opportunities to brokers and insurers struggling to keep up with the pace and frequency of attacks and finding solutions for clients. On the fraud side, staged accidents and loosely-regulated medical assessment companies have plagued the auto insurance sector in Ontario with millions of dollars in fraudulent claims in recent years.
Process and Plan Required for Fighting Fraud

Process and Plan Required for Fighting Fraud

While technology is necessary to fight fraud, the real weapon in the fraud toolbox is well informed, well-educated people.

Ontario auto reform a big achievement, says IBC

Ontario auto reform a big achievement, says IBC

Ontario’s auto insurance industry led the way for change in 2009, including customized policies for consumers, a new driver distraction legislation and a Health Claims …

Consumers Caught in 1-800 Scam

Consumers Caught in 1-800 Scam

Dummy insurance company dupes buyers.

Phantom Thefts, Injury Top Manitoba Fraud Attempts

After a hit-and-run, a Manitoba man claimed his car was stolen from a hotel, but when police paid a home visit, his vehicle sat in …

Proper E-data Strategies Protect Brokerages: Data Experts

Brokerages that don’t adequately store electronic information could leave themselves vulnerable to legal action, network specialists warned during the Canadian Signassure Users’ (CSU) …

Know Thy Enemy: Recognizing Fraudsters

“Insurance fraud” is a term broadly used for illicit activity
related to either buying or selling insurance. It comes …

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